By Elizabeth Oldfield, Communications and Marketing Portfolio Member (5× 

It’s fabulous that patrollers are sharing their cool tools, those gadgets and gizmos that that are useful when patrolling.

We hope that you will continue to forward details of your invaluable finds to us. We will happily share them with our readership.

Rick Williamson (CSP Life Member No. 30) advocates wearing silk liners under gloves or mitts. They provide warmth and protection when you have to remove your gloves or mitts for added dexterity in a cold outdoor environment. 

Royce Eberding from Greater Vancouver Zone has brought to our attention the following small cycling light which can be attached to a ski pole. It can be directed towards the approach to an emergency scene as a warning to oncoming skiers. It provides an extra level of protection, especially working in night conditions. This light is available at MEC.

Cool Tools – August 2022