By Andrew Wytsma, EDI Committee Member (

Thank you to the more than 900 respondents from coast to coast who participated in the equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) self-identification survey. In all we heard from about 20 per cent of our entire CSP membership group.  

Here are some of the things we heard from the survey responses.  

  • The CSP is a diverse organization with representation from coast to coast to coast, and all types of Canadians were represented in the survey responses. 
  • Three hundred and sixty-three respondents provided detailed written feedback. 
  • The variety of feedback and comments illustrated that our membership is full of creative people.
  • Our membership is passionate about EDI and our focus on certain initiatives in this area is an important way for the CSP to remain a high-quality first aid provider to the snow sliding public.  
  • Many of you pointed to representation (in our educational materials, promotional material, and in our leadership) as being important.  

This self-identification survey is the first step in a long journey towards being a more inclusive and diverse organization and we look forward to working together in getting there. The EDI Committee will be reviewing several actionable suggestions for how we can improve as an organization. 

If you haven’t yet completed our survey and would like to participate, please visit our survey here.


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee update – November 2022

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