By Jacques Blais, Translation Portfolio Leader (

The translation portfolio is moving in a new direction, taking a new approach. The time has come to leave behind the practice of producing all texts in English and then having them translated. Since the arrival of the portfolio at the level of the national management committee, mentalities have begun to migrate towards a more inclusive approach, not just an after thought.

A renewed mandate

We now invite translators to be an integral part of any process, of every team, and no longer sit at the end as a necessary evil. Then, hopefully, the texts and documents will not have to be translated as much as they will be written in both languages concurrently instead.

The CSP produces professional documents requiring in-house knowledge, such as manuals and modules. They can rarely be well translated by outsiders. Who better than an instructor or an instructor-trainer to translate a manual?

The portfolio is looking for Translation Coordinators and for translators

Five main themes have been identified to which a translation coordinator will be assigned:

  • Communications
  • Governance
  • Advanced First Aid
  • On Snow (On Patrol)
  • Certification of instructors

Translation coordinators will act as team members within the themes to which they have been assigned. They will either produce the texts in French themselves or dispatch work to the other portfolio translators. Translation coordinators can help stage and stagger the work over time and not wait for the process to have been fully completed in English before beginning its work. No more surprises!

Translation coordinators may contribute to the English text in order to limit the need for editing during translation.

Although all coordinators will act as translators, we are also looking for translators, individuals who would like to translate the professional documents of the CSP but who do not wish to act as coordinators.

Job Posting

Here are the links to three documents:

How to apply and questions

If one of these opportunities interests you, send a short resume and a cover letter to the translation portfolio lead at ,

And do not hesitate to contact him if you want to discuss this further or obtain more information.

Translation – from a relay race to a team pursuit