What is it all about?

What is the Canadian Ski Patrol’s Winter Extreme Ski and Board Swap? The Canadian Ski Patrol raises funds to provide volunteer first aid and rescue services to the public. We do this through our annual dues, sponsorships, donations, local fundraising

Events Across Canada

Need Gear? Check out these events across Canada. These are the worlds largest ski show and swaps. Winter Extreme is the combined efforts of 5000+ members of the Canadian Ski Patrol across Canada.    

Vendor Information

Welcome to the 2018 Ski and Board Swap. We have the layouts and information here for your planning. If you have any questions, call us at 604-553-3375, or email us at: manager@winterextreme.com PNE Layout: Click here AGRec Layout: Click here

We are the Canadian Ski Patrol

Our active members number over 4000 across Canada. We are re-certified annually to the highest standards. We provide first aid and rescue services to over 240 Alpine and Nordic venues in every Province across Canada.

Support the Volunteers

100% of swap proceeds go to supporting the volunteers who are prepared to rescue you and your family if there is a need.