Here are some frequently asked questions about our organization and what you can do to get involved!

Participant Requirements
What are the prerequisites for joining the Canadian Ski Patrol?
Is attendance at the Information and Recruitment Night mandatory?
How can I find out about the Canadian Ski Patrol prior to joining?
I have no previous first aid experience – can I still join?
Are there Canadian Ski Patrol volunteering opportunities available year-round?
First Aid Training
How long is the Edmonton Zone CSP first aid course?
I have previous first aid training and/or a medical background (e.g. wilderness first aid, EMR, nurse, doctor, etc.) - does this qualify as a substitute for the Edmonton Zone first aid course?
I patrolled a few years ago with the CSP – do I still have to take the first aid course?
What happens if I am unsuccessful with my first aid exams?
What are the First Aid exams like?
I cannot make some in-classroom sessions – what are my options?
I cannot make the CPR course – what are my options?
I already have CPR Certification, do I have to attend this part of the first aid course?
On-Hill Training
What is the on-hill ski/snowboard test like?
What is the on-snow requirement for Nordic Patrol?
What happens after I complete on-hill training?
What happens if I do not pass my on-hill training?
I cannot make the on-hill training – what are my options?
What are my fundraising commitments as an Edmonton Zone patroller?
Ski Areas & Patrolling
Can I pick which ski area I want to patrol at?
I would like to patrol at a ski area outside of the Edmonton Zone (e.g. Lake Louise, Panorama), can I still sign up through the Edmonton Zone?
What if I cannot make my patrol commitments?
How do I schedule my patrol days?
Do I get to ski for free?
Can I patrol during the summer?
Do I need to buy my own equipment?
Where and when do I pick up my jacket and pack?
Edmonton Zone Junior Safety Patrol
What are the prerequisites for joining the Edmonton Zone Junior Safety Patrol?
What are the duties of the Junior Safety Patrol?
More Info
I am undecided if this is really for me – what are my options?
I still need more information – who do I contact?