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About Our Organization

The Canadian Ski Patrol offers more than 75 years of tradition and professionalism.
Over 4,000 volunteer members in more than 200 ski areas.

In 1941, a young osteopath from Toronto, Dr. Douglas Firth, was invited by the Canadian Amateur Ski Association to set up the first aid and rescue group to patrol the ski slopes. Since then, this non-profit organization has continued to grow with the Canadian snow sports industry. Today, the Canadian Ski Patrol, with more than 4,000 volunteer members, provides first aid services in more than 200 alpine and Nordic ski resorts across the country. Over the past two decades, the services offered by the CSP have gone beyond ski resorts: members maintain first aid services, medical support and coordination of a medical team for a range of sporting activities throughout the year.

  • Advanced first aid

    Each patroller is trained to handle a multitude of medical conditions and is therefore ready to intervene in any situation that may arise.


    Patrollers must meet all the requirements of the CSP National Standard Training for First Aid and Snow Skills.

  • Federal accreditation

    The first aid training of the CSP is accredited by the Canadian government.

Reasons to become a member

You'll find us wherever Canadians play outside
Education & Training

As the leading authority in certifying ski patrollers and advanced first aid personnel for our on-snow resort partners, we are dedicated to the highest possible standards of education, certification and delivery in first aid and rescue services.

Year round events

Over the past two decades CSP services have extended beyond the ski hill to offer first aid/medical support, and full medical team coordination, for a long list of recreational, music and sporting events for many organizations.

Member Benefits

Include advanced first aid training, area access privileges nationally, electronic monthly newsletter, insurance coverage, legal support, contacts and references, lots of skiing, relationship with CSIA (Local), pro-deal/supplier discounts.

Safety & Injury Prevention

Providing services in over 200 resorts across Canada, with approximately 4,000 highly trained volunteers on the slopes and trails, we promote safety and injury prevention.

Our Community

That's why we patrol

Our partners

We are grateful to our partners for their contribution to making ski and outdoor recreation areas safer across Canada.
Helly Hansen
In 1877, Captain Helly Juell Hansen saw a need for better protection from the harsh Norwegian elements. He and his wife, began soaking coarse linen with linseed oil. This state of the art process resulted in water resistant clothing for workers at sea, and Helly Hansen was born.
Ferno-Washington, Inc. is the global leader in the manufacture and distribution of professional emergency, mortuary, and healthcare products to targeted vertical markets.
Johnson Assurance
Owned by RSA Canada; one of Canada’s leading insurance companies, Johnson Insurance offers group insurance benefits to our members tailored to our members’ needs.
Portage Promo
Portage Promo helps strengthen your brand through creative design and merchandise programs. If you’re looking for results, our team has the experience.”)
Impact Canopy
At Impact Canopy, our custom canopy tents and other custom branding solutions surpass other manufacturers in terms of quality, convenience, and customer service. With Canadian offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Halifax, we have more than a decade of experience manufacturing and distributing all styles of canopies, pop up tents, and accessories.
FiredUp X
Far infrared is a therapeutic heat that heats users from the inside out, gently penetrating the skin to elevate body temperature for lasting comfort. Designed for use underneath your outdoor garments, Fired Up X heated liners offer all day comfort for your hands and core even in the coldest conditions – perfect for harsh Canadian ski temperatures. FIR heat therapy has also been known to help with better blood circulation, arthritis, healing and other therapeutic purposes.