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Promotional items
Over the years, we have had many items available to give away at safety days. They include tattoos, stickers, ‘fridge magnets, zipper pulls, and bookmarks, to name a few. These are available for purchase by other zones and divisions. Order by contacting Division VP Safety Ian Hamilton at
Safety Now!
This program, covering both alpine and Nordic skiing, has been developed in Mountain Division to communicate a message on ski safety. Its target audience is children between five and 12 years of age.

The presentation lasts 45 minutes, is in lecture format using props, with a video called “Look Good. Ski Safe.” A short examination is given at the end.

The talk covers conditioning, equipment, clothing, frostbite, nutrition, lifts, hill markings, snow, skier responsibility, buddy system and what to do at an accident scene.

The zone safety officers arrange and give the course in many schools across the division.

Further information is available by contacting the division vice-president of safety.

A joint venture of the CSP, CAA, Parks Canada and the Smartrisk Foundation, the program is aimed at students in Grades seven and 10. It is an hour in length and addresses risk evaluation and reduction. Unlike Safety Now!, this presentation is given mainly by teachers. It focuses on increasing awareness that risk is involved in winter sports, supporting learned skills, encouraging students to make smart choices and seek further training.

It's a No-Brainer; No it's Jello Brain!
A great hit at safety days this year has been the “Jell-O Brain.” Four Zones are using them to educate the public about head injuries and the wearing of helmets. We have obtained full sized moulds and the process of producing a brain is easy. The kids love it, especially as it can be made in a myriad of colours and flavours.

Jell-O brain moulds cost approximately $20.00 each and are available from the University of Calgary Medical Bookstore… phone: 403 220-4737