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The 2019 edition of the CSP French advanced first aid (AFA) manual has now been published on the NDS.

In addition to the 2019 changes to the manual, the French manual has been completely revised. The translation team made the following changes:

  • Replacing of obsolete terms by more modern terminology used in the medical profession (for example, using Latin terms).
  • Translations are less word-for-word from the English version.
    • Consistent use of the same expression for text that has the same semantics (previously the manual text that meant the same thing varied from one area of the manual to another, leading to the risk of misinterpretation).
  • Corrections to grammar, spelling, gender, etc.
  • More precise use of certain terms, for example:
    • Patroller – someone who treats patients using the protocols in the manual.
    • First-aider – any individual who is trained to administer first-aid.
    • Onlooker – any individual who happens to be on the scene of an incident.
    • Witness – any individual who witnessed what happened.
    • Person – any individual who can provide assistance at an incident scene.
  • Standardized use of punctuation.

Work remains to be done in both the English and French editions, including:

  • Standardizing the use of the grammatical person:
    • Using the third person for general text.
    • Second person would be used for procedural instructions.
  • Treatment:
    • Improved text organization.
    • Coherent text between similar treatments.
  • Training materials:
    • Applying the same standards used in the AFA manual.

Your comments, corrections and suggestions are always appreciated.

2019 AFA French manual available

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