Here is the complete list of national awards presented at the 2019 Altitude Conference held in Toronto, Ontario. Over the course of the coming year, a number of articles will be presented in 5/5 to tell the stories for some of these awards.


25 Year Service (presented at the division or zone level)

Name Zone Division
Howard Whidden Nova Scotia Atlantic East
Kevin Giles Nova Scotia Atlantic East
Paul Leblanc Fundy Atlantic West
Eric Coffin Fundy Atlantic West
Craig Taggart Confederation Atlantic West
Stephanie Brisebois Eastern Townships Quebec
Anick Vaillancourt Eastern Townships Quebec
Luce Pinard Eastern Townships Quebec
George Prazmowski Gatineau Quebec
Domenic Joron Laurentian Quebec
Angelo Battista Laurentian Quebec
Catherine St-Onge Saguenay Lac St. Jean Quebec
Ghyslain Noël Bois-Francs Quebec
Jean-François Bourk Lanaudiere Quebec
Dino Classaco Algonquin Ontario
Edgar Seiden Central Ontario
Corbee Dutchburn Central Ontario
John Olsen Central Ontario
Don Powell Central Ontario
Patti Baker Central Ontario
Joe Pingitore Central Ontario
Michael Rowlinson Central Ontario
Martin Sneath Central Ontario
John Morris Central Ontario
Jeffrey Mainella Central Ontario
Doug McMahon Central Ontario
Lyle Plater Central Ontario
Patrick Buchanan Central Ontario
Henry Kwan Central Ontario
Brenda Lynch Central Ontario
Jason Noble Central Ontario
Susan Thomas Central Ontario
Dave Shelley Central Ontario
Derek Zoldy Kawartha Ontario
Shawn Stevenson Lake of the Woods Manitoba
Pamela FitzGerald Edmonton Mountain
Sue Elder Inter-Mountain Pacific South

50 Year Service

Blaine Bell Central Ontario
Dave Harrison Drayton Valley Mountain
Jim Ellis Sault Ste. Marie Ontario


Mark Labow Diamond Award – 60 Year Service

Michel Gagnon Laurentian Quebec


National Appreciation Award (presented at the division or zone level)

Dennis Ambrose Qu’Appelle Saskatchewan NAA 1730
Marie-Claude Brodeur Eastern Townships Quebec NAA 1731
Jenifer Cepella Gatineau Quebec NAA 1732
Gustave Goldmann Gatineau Quebec NAA 1733
Paul Leeson Gatineau Quebec NAA 1734
Blair Wallhouse Central Ontario NAA 1735
Anthony (Andy) Hueton Central Ontario NAA 1736
Cindy Guyon Central Ontario NAA 1737
Andrew Hoffman Central Ontario NAA 1738
Michael Hewett Kawartha Ontario NAA 1739
Greg Dell’Agnese Kawartha Ontario NAA 1740
Steve Reeves Kawartha Ontario NAA 1741
Philip Turgoose Western Ontario NAA 1742
Charlene Stark Calgary Mountain NAA 1743
Glenn Bonsall Calgary Mountain NAA 1744
Andy Antonson Pembina Mountain NAA 1745
Scott Lancaster Westman Manitoba NAA 1746
Jennifer Anderson Nova Scotia Atlantic East NAA 1747


Canadian Ski Patroller Award

Dean Gould Calgary Mountain CSP 933
Christopher Oliver Calgary Mountain CSP 934
Mark Brown Central Ontario CSP 935
Edgar Seiden Central Ontario CSP 936
Brittay Borysek Central Ontario CSP 937
Mark Hutley Muskoka Ontario CSP 938
Marc Despatis Eastern Townships Quebec CSP 939
Marco Romani Eastern Townships Quebec CSP 940
Pierre Patenaude Eastern Townships Quebec CSP 941
Jean Côté Eastern Townshps Quebec CSP 942
Deb Woeller Gatineau Quebec CSP 943
John Jesse Qu’Appelle Saskatchewan CSP 944


Alison Smith Memorial Leadership Award                          

Marielle Flottat Calgary Mountain


Dr. Douglas Firth Zone of the Year Award

Confederation Zone Gary Ogle, President Atlantic West


John D. Harper Lifesaving Awards

Pascal Paquet Bois-Francs Quebec
Devon Murphy Gatineau Quebec
Bruce Boynton Sault Ste. Marie Ontario
Simon Poirier Gatineau Quebec
Christophe Tremblay Non-patroller
Pete Phillips Confederation Atlantic West
Bart Meuring Central Ontario


Outstanding Executive Award

Andrea Burry Nova Scotia Atlantic East


Public Relations Award

Jodie-Marc Lalonde Muskoka Ontario
Nakkertok Patrol Gatineau Quebec


Excellence in Education

Tom Carr Central Ontario
Dan Elliot Central Ontario
Nancy Askin Sault Ste. Marie Ontario


Distinguished Achievement

Corbee Dutchburn Central Ontario
Blair Wallhouse Central Ontario


Outstanding Contribution

David Morisset Gatineau Quebec
George Kryschuk Red River Manitoba
Brenda Lynch Central Ontario
Ken Reid Central Ontario
Tim Bergman Central Ontario


Life Member Award

Pierre Pierre Blais Gatineau Quebec LM 70
Tom Carr Central Ontario LM 71
Jean-Marc Ferland Eastern Townships Quebec LM 72


National awards 2019

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