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I undertook a review of the names of the national management committee (NMC) portfolios over the winter of 2019. After consulting with the NMC, the board of directors, and the division presidents, I am announcing a change in the portfolio names as of July 1, 2019.


New Old
VP Patrol Operations VP Members and Resorts
VP Communications and Marketing VP Brand and Partners
VP Training and Development VP Training and Development
VP Business Administration VP Business Operations
Chair, Financial Oversight Committee N/A
National Manager National Manager
President and CEO President and CEO

The job descriptions for each portfolio are in the process of being updated to reflect the new names and responsibilities and will be available by mid-July.

The division presidents (DPs) met during Altitude 2019 in Toronto and one of their discussions was centered on the role of the DPs within the NMC. The division presidents will be working as an independent body within the CSP moving forward and will move out from under the supervision of the patrol operations portfolio. The idea forming is DPs as one voice within the system. They will continue to be a link between the national and zone layers of the CSP. A terms of reference document for the DPs is currently in development and will be shared once it is finished.

A DP representative has been working closely with the NMC for the previous two years and attending all NMC meetings and involved in NMC discussions. Moving forward, the DPs will assign a DP to attend and participate in the NMC meetings and share that information with the DPs as whole.

For further information please contact Bruce Robinson at or Ontario Division President Bruce Boynton at

Changes in Portfolio Names

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