On March 10, 2019, the city of Sault Ste. Marie prepared to watch its beloved Sault Greyhounds. The CSP Sault Ste. Marie Zone is a familiar sight during these games and that night was no

Bruce Boynton – Sault Ste. Marie Zone
(photo provided by Greg McCormick)

different than any other, except for the fact that a patron of the game collapsed as he entered the building.

Bruce Boynton was first to arrive on the scene along with the building security. Bruce immediately assessed the patient and, upon finding no pulse, had one of the security members begin compressions. After a series of compressions, Bruce took over.

EMS arrived shortly after that and while paramedics readied their equipment, Bruce continued with compressions. The AED determined a shock was recommended. The shock was delivered but no pulse was detected and Bruce continued with compressions. After a second shock, a slight pulse was detected. However, as they readied the patient for transport, the pulse did not sustain and Bruce once again resumed compressions.

A third shock was delivered and a pulse returned. Being in a busy arena on a night of a playoff hockey game, it was a busy place, with many hockey fans coming through the doors. Dealing with crowd control and onlookers was a challenge. CPR without delay is key to successful resuscitation and Bruce’s skill, training and delivery of high quality CPR were significant to the successful outcome of this situation.

Bruce Boynton fulfilled the lifesaving need without a second thought or hesitation, and this patient is alive today because of it. The CSP was proud to present Bruce with the John D. Harper Lifesaving Award at the Altitude Conference in Toronto in June, 2019.

Lifesaving Award – Bruce Boynton (Sault Ste. Marie Zone)

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