By Mark Crone, National Pro-Deals Team Member (


Congratulations for being part of the Canadian Ski Patrol. As a CSP member you are eligible for the Icebreaker pro program.

Inspired by nature, Icebreaker harnesses the incredible capabilities of natural fibres to make simple, beautiful, high quality clothing that inspire and enable people in their adventures outdoors and in everyday life.

While you work, live, and breathe the outdoors we offer you this discount so you can trial and attest for the quality of Icebreaker products. As gear experts and key influencers, your advocacy of Icebreaker raises awareness of the brand and drives us to continually design the best merino product possible.

How to sign up for your pro deal?

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in or create an account.
  3. Apply under “Ski Patrol – CSP” and enter your member number. If you do not yet have your member number or it is not recognized, please upload a copy of your certification.
  4. After you submit your application you will be accepted within 48 hours and receive a welcome email.
  5. Please click the link in your welcome email to verify your account and you can begin to shop pro pricing.

Sign up for your pro deal by February 10, 2020 for a chance to WIN an Icebreaker base layer.

Pro deal purchases are for yourself only. You are limited to 12 items seasonally. Seasons change over on August and February 15th. All sales are final. Do not mention your pro deal but please do share how much you love your products!

Sign up for the Icebreaker pro deal – limited time offer

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