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The current pandemic has meant that all organizations, including government, for-profit, non-profit, charities, etc, have had to re-think how they operate, and adapt to a new normal. For the CSP, this has meant a move to virtual meetings, increased online learning, and the cancelling of Altitude 2020, Altitude 2021 and fall portfolio meetings. The national recognition program moved temporarily to having all awards presented locally, rather than at a national recognition event.

This move was not without challenges, but it did work for the most part. Patrollers were recognized among their peers including individuals who may not have been able to attend a national event.

As a result, the deadline for award nominations has been moved toward the end of the snow season. This will allow for summer gatherings and/or meetings where celebrations can take place and a public online celebration of recipients in September to kick off the new fall training season.

Therefore, please be advised that the new deadline for national recognition nominations is April 15 of any given year. Awards will be ready for distribution to local zones at the end of June each year and there will be a formal announcement and celebration of recipients at the national level each September. These dates will be re-evaluated on an annual basis.

More patrollers being involved in the recognition of local recipients is seen as positive and we see this as a great step forward in our national recognition program.

Documents relating to nominations will be updated and available online. Nomination criteria remain unchanged for this season.

Questions can be directed to CSP National Recognition Committee Chair Craig Taggart, at

National recognition program changes

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