By Greg McCormick, VP Communications and Marketing (

On December 7, 2020, CSP members likely received two emails from Black Diamond Equipment advising that its pro program account was now active and offering instructions to login. Black Diamond Equipment, a U.S.-based supplier of high-quality skiing and mountain climbing equipment, is one of our pro deal partners; in fact, the CSP pro deal team was getting ready to announce our revised partnership when Black Diamond’s computer system was incorrectly set to send account notifications out to CSP members.

The CSP respects everyone’s privacy, and while we had a signed agreement with Black Diamond not to communicate directly with you, mistakes happen. We have addressed our concerns with our account manager and have been assured that no one will receive unwanted emails in the future. To make up for the unwanted intrusion in to your inbox, Black Diamond has extended 15 per cent off the pro program pricing for CSP members in the hopes of smoothing things over with you. The code will become active next week, as Black Diamond is in the process of setting up the programming now. The details on how to use the code with your order will be available on the pro deals page of the website by January 20. Whether you take advantage of the peace offering or not, please note that Black Diamond is sorry for the intrusion.

Moving forward, we will be revisiting our privacy setting within the member database and plan to offer a future setting where by you can not only opt out of third-party mass mailing, but also data sharing with our pro deal partners.

As the vice-president responsible for pro deals, I apologize for the inconvenience this caused. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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