Information technology (IT) use has transformed commercial business and had a tremendous effect on not-for-profit organizations such as ours. Effectively using IT is more than just buying some products and installing them; it is part of a process with a longer term vision and short term benefits. With the pending launch of the new membership management system, YETI, an additional step is being taken to modernize our critical IT infrastructure.

The board of directors approved the formation of an information technology advisory committee as a committee of the board. Its goals will be to:

  • Define methods to make technology more effective in in support of the CSP mission.
  • Make recommendations to the board, with the collaboration of zones, on the technology to deploy to support and enhance our infrastructure.
  • Assist the board in making cost-effective decisions.
  • Mitigate crises related to the use of technology within the CSP.
  • Explore new solutions to existing problems.
  • Create a technology plan to enhance our ability to obtain project funding for technology.

The committee will consist of approximately seven individuals from within the CSP, plus a member of the board. It will work closely with the national management committee, the IT team and the co-executive directors as well as zone and division presidents and members to define and develop a technology plan and prepare business cases to support that plan.

We are looking for members of the CSP willing to share their expertise in IT, solution development and deployment, planning and working to help with this key task. We are also looking for at least one member who is relatively new to IT and can bring a different perspective to the process.

If you are willing to help with this important initiative, please send your resume and cover letter to either of the co-executive directors, Mark Brown ( or Jean Rioux ( by March 31, 2021.

Information technology advisory committee

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