May 19, 2021

Dear zone and division presidents,

As you likely saw in the recent May 5/5 newsletter, we are conducting a communications audit to inform how we can improve our overall connection with members, partners and the public. In addition, scheduled discussion group video calls are open to the entire membership to share opinions and thoughts, and a member-directed survey is an alternative method to provide input. 

We have also created a similar survey geared towards our partners and the public. We plan to distribute this bilingual survey via email to all partner resort GMs, snow sports associations and industry partners in the coming days.  

In addition, we are posting this public-facing survey to our public social media channels, encouraging those who follow us the chance to participate in this information-gathering process. 

Finally, we invite you to share the public survey link within your network, family, friends, or community. We seek input from people who are not formally registered CSP members but likely know of (at least by name) the ski patrol. 

This public survey will be accessible until June 15, 2021. 



Kerri Loudoun, Communications Audit Committee Chair

Public Survey Distribution: Asking our Partners

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