July 13, 2021


Dear zone presidents and division presidents,

We’re almost ready to move to Yeti!

The migration of data from the National Database System to our new database, Yeti was completed on time and with no loss of data. A random sampling of member data confirms that everything came across the data bridge as expected, and member records will be found to be in the same state they were before June 1.

We did encounter an issue which has delayed the introduction of Yeti to the membership. We discovered 671 email addresses are linked to multiple membership records. The reasons for this are varied – typically it comes down to a member registering in one zone, and at some point, moving to a different zone where a new ID number was assigned. In other cases, it was data entry errors. Some of the addresses are linked to the same person, but in many cases, they’re not. Either way, before we can issue members with their account details, we need to clean up the email addresses, and this process is taking a bit of time.

On August 1, 2021, the Yeti system will go live for members across the organization. All active members who were registered last season (regular and associate) will receive an email outlining the instructions to log in to their account via the national website. Zone and division executives will be assigned their roles automatically based on the current roster of executives.

In the meantime, registration can take place at the local/zone level on paper. Once Yeti comes on line, the new member details can be added and the start date can be back-dated to show when they were accepted for training. This process can also work for members returning from last year, either as active members or associate members.

Please familiarise yourself with the Yeti U website – www.skipatrol.ca/members/yeti-u. Further news updates and instructional content about using the system will be housed here.


Greg McCormick (greg.mccormick@skipatrol.ca) & Diane Lemay (diane.lemay@skipatrol.ca)

Project Yeti

Update on migration to Yeti from NDS

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