By Andrew Hill, Training and Development Portfolio Leader (


Natalie Everitt, National Training and Development Resources Production Manager

A big thank you goes to Natalie Everitt from Muskoka Zone on being awarded the CSP No. 967, primarily for her outstanding work as the national training and development resources production manager. Natalie works tirelessly with her team to ensure that the various eLearning courses and eExams are created, updated, translated and narrated before making them available to you, the CSP patroller. 

With the recent change of the eLearning platform to Articulate from Moodle, this has entailed many extra hours of work over the past year to produce a quality eLearning product for the Advanced First Aid (AFA) and Instructor Certification Program (ICP) courses. She also narrates many of the English language modules. Updates to the On Snow (OS) eLearning course are currently in process. Natalie, we could not do it without you. 

If you would like to join Natalie’s team and help to spread the workload there are still a number of eLearning coordinator and developer jobs available. Job descriptions can be viewed here. Please contact Natalie at for further information.



Butch Stuart, AFA and CPR/BLS Written Evaluations Coordinator

Another round of congratulations goes to Butch Stuart for his Excellence in Education Award. Butch has been the AFA and CPR/BLS written evaluations coordinator for a number of years. This job involves maintaining the questions database, updating questions in accordance with AFA manual changes, ensuring that answers can be found in the manual and referenced, retiring questions that are no longer applicable and creating some new questions every year. A set of 100 questions are then selected from the database to create the annual written evaluations. The AFA written evaluation review is then produced.

After his many years of service, Butch has decided to step back from the role of written evaluations coordinator.

Consequently there is another training and development volunteer opportunity. So, if you’ve ever complained about the written evaluation questions now is your opportunity to step forward and improve them. A big part of this new job opportunity will be to transition to a modern database platform and a review of all of the existing questions. The job description can be found here.

Please send your applications to National Evaluations Coordinator Nancy Askin at by 30 November 2022.

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