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With the winter season rapidly approaching, our national fund raising campaign is getting underway. Our tiptap pay trial in eastern Canada taught us some valuable lessons, which we have incorporated into our country-wide roll-out. Our fundraising goal is $50,000 in our first year.

The purpose of this NTK is to provide you with the information you need to successfully participate.

What is it?

The campaign is based on the concept of micro-giving (many people giving small amounts can be as cost effective as a few people giving large amounts). Small devices, branded with CSP information, are placed where people frequently have a credit card handy. Donors simply tap their card on the pad and the amount shown is donated to the CSP.

What are the amounts?

Donation amounts are available in $2, $5, $10 and $20 amounts. The donor can tap up to four times for an increased donation amount. Processing of funds is immediate, and requires no intervention by the patrol, donor or the host partner who displays the device.

How does it connect?

Devices are shipped already connected to the cellular network. Two bars on your cellphone is the minimum signal required. An electrical outlet or battery (ordered separately) is required to power the unit. Each unit comes with a six- foot electrical cord. The battery needs to be recharged every 48 hours with normal use.

How much does it cost?

The CSP rents each device regardless of donation amount, for $30 per month. If three devices are in place, the fee would be $90 per month. One-time setup and printing is $20 for each device stand. Battery rental is $5 per month per device. Approximately five per cent of each transaction is paid to tiptappay for transaction costs; it varies depending on the card used. Shipping and handling to and from your location is extra, plus HST on the device rental.  

How much does the CSP make?

The short version is, we make the dollar amount of each donation less a transaction fee of five per cent. A $2 donation nets the CSP $1.90 per donation, $5 nets $4.75 per donation and so forth.

In total it depends on traffic, but if we assume 20 taps per month for a device at a ski resort from December to March, gross revenue will be $400 (at $5 per tap over four months), less $132 fixed costs and transaction fees (estimated at $20). Locating the device in a high-traffic area, with a donation amount that resort clientele are likely to support, is important. Higher amounts require fewer taps. Net earnings would be approximately $228 per device in this scenario, including transaction fees. Funds will be disbursed on a quarterly basis. One of the key elements to success is deploying as many devices as possible, which is why we need your help.

What is the revenue share?

If the national office places the device, there is no cost share. If a zone or patrol places the device, and the zone or patrol pays for the costs, then 90 per cent of the net revenue will be shared with that zone or patrol. If the national office absorbs the costs (with some exceptions), 10 per cent of the net revenue is contributed to the local zone or patrol, on a quarterly basis.

How do I order the devices?

The order form can be found here. Or contact Renee Thivierge at for an order form. All devices will be ordered through the national office. Some simple assembly may be required, instructions are provided.  Two shipments may arrive separately.

What reports can I get?

We will provide a monthly report on device activity to participating zones and patrols.

What do they look like?


Priming the pump fundraising (tiptappay)

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