By Felix Tang, Mount St. Louis-Moonstone Assistant Patrol Leader (

In March 2023 the Beaver Valley Ski Club hosted the CSP Central Zone races, following a pandemic hiatus. There were races of four-person teams either skiing or boarding, individual races and a four-person toboggan team race.

I had heard many great things about this event. My home resort (Mount St. Louis-Moonstone) was able to staff enough patrollers for that day, so we were able to send two teams to the race. On race day, conditions were amazing; some snow flurries overnight and throughout the day with periods of sunshine.

During morning registration, we received our race kits including bibs, stickers, lift passes, T-shirts, lunch vouchers, raffle tickets and some additional swag. We were given time for a racecourse inspection. This would be the first time some of us had ever raced on a slalom type course so there was lots of excitement mixed in with a bit of anxiety.

The races started with four-person snowboard teams by bib number, followed by the four-person ski teams and then the individual category. Teams had two runs and the best time of each team member was added together to compile a total time. Lunch was catered, following which we had a raffle for a lot of swag prizes, ranging from gift cards, hats, backpacks and mugs, to socks and neck buffs, all provided by club members or local vendors.

The team toboggan race was held in the afternoon with two-person toboggans, one equipment person and one simulated patient going through a slalom course. What could possibly go wrong? There were a couple of close calls but everyone finished unscathed. It was definitely the most exciting part of the day.

The Mount St Louis-Moonstone (MSLM) Patrol acquired six of nine awards. Victoria Lee (first-year patroller and youngest at MSLM) took home female ski (first place), female snowboard (First place) and queen of the hill trophies. Keith Lee (Victoria’s father) received the king of the hill trophy, and we also managed to take home men’s snowboard (second place) and team snowboard race (first place) trophies too.

Video provided by Sinead Anderson

What a fantastic event with great teammates outside of a regular patrolling environment. The comradery, memories, and team building were amazing. Thank you to everyone in Central Zone who helped organize this event and to the Beaver Valley Ski Club for being a great host. I’m so looking forward to the next zone races.

Photos provided by Felix Tang

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