The Canadian Ski Patrol is comprised of more than 4,500 volunteers from coast to coast to coast in Canada in 56 zones and nine divisions.

Non-profit charitable organization. The vast majority of CSP members volunteer their time for the services they deliver. A number also become paid patrollers at ski resorts across Canada. Patrollers must be at least 18 years of age and come from all walks of life from students to retirees.

Education & Safety Promotion

The CSP’s advanced first-aid course is a minimum of 60 hours in length and includes CPR, AED, and WHMIS training. The Canadian Ski Patrol’s advanced first-aid course is recognized by the the majority of the provinces. The CSP also provides on-snow and accident site management training as well as safety education to members and in some circumstances, to paid patrollers. Patrollers must re-certify their first-aid qualifications every year by taking a refresher course that is a minimum of 16 hours and passing a written, skills, diagnostic and CPR/AED exam.

Industry Involvement

Has members on both national and international ski, first-aid, and rescue bodies such as the Canadian Ski Council, regional ski area associations, and the Canadian multi-agency working group on CPR/AED guidelines in Canada. Is a founding member of the Fédération Internationale des Patrouilles de Ski (FIPS); an international corporation made up of ski patrol organizations representing ski patrollers and ski safety bodies in their respective countries.

The CSP is always looking for new members, respectful opportunities for fundraising and donations, and to develop corporate partnerships and sponsorships to offset the cost of delivering our volunteer services.

Operation & Funding

The CSP medical advisory committee includes five physicians and our pre-hospital care advisory committee is made up of six pre-hospital care or hospital emergency workers, such as paramedics and trauma nurses. Provides first-aid services at 230 alpine and Nordic ski areas across Canada. Provided 260,000 hours of service to these ski areas last winter. Provided 40,000 hours of first-aid services at off-snow events which include events such as marathons, mountain bike races, concerts, etc. Each year more than one million hours are spent by CSP volunteers patrolling both on and off snow, teaching first aid, developing training materials, keeping our manual current and state-of-the-art and managing the operation of the Canadian Ski Patrol from coast to coast to coast. Patrollers pay an average of $250 each year to be a member of the CSP. Patrollers cover the cost of their uniform and first aid kit or vest with an approximate cost of $500. Provides insurance coverage for each member for the first aid services provided.

Other Initiatives

Has provided services at Canadian Olympic and Paralympic events (1988 and 2010), Young Canada and provincial Winter Games, Canadian and provincial championships and various World Cup races held in Canada. The CSP’s Safety Now, PACE Penguin and Snow Smart programs are delivered to school aged children. Supports the national avalanche awareness programs and provides avalanche training to patrollers. The CSP has its own VHF radio frequency. Provides rescue toboggans and equipment at many ski areas across Canada.