August 18, 2019

Don Silverman

I joined the Canadian Ski Patrol in 2012 while living in Ottawa and became very active in the Gatineau Zone…serving in the capacity of VP Finance for four years and a year as VP Hill Liaison.

While serving on the board I took over the ski pass program and it became a prime source of funding for the zone. The program was completely overhauled and became a highly sought after commodity in the ski market.

Other accomplishments while serving on the board of Gatineau Zone included executive of the year as well as overhauling the supply chain side and reducing costs and capital spending.

I am an instructor trainer as well as on-snow instructor certified. I recently moved to Kelowna to enjoy retirement and look forward to being more involved in Ogopogo Zone.

Professionally I was the CFO of a technology company and am a professional accountant (CMA 1979). While working in technology I was responsible for operations as well as strategic planning and asset management. The biggest accomplishments came in the area of mergers and acquisitions when I helped engineer and carry out successful management buy out of previous investors as well as eventually sell the company in 2017.

I am looking forward with optimism to working as a board of directors’ member and intend to bring the disciplines that made me successful in the organization.