October 9, 2020

Communications Guide

Communications Resources - All in One Place


When creating content on behalf of CSP (for use externally or internally), please follow the checklist at the end of this guide. By completing the checklist, you will be confident that what you create is consistent with the CSP brand we want everyone we reach to share about us.

Downloadable Resources

Below is a wide variety of useful branded resources that are available to members for use. If you do not find the branded resource that meets your need, please contact Kerri Loudoun (kerri.loudoun@skipatrol.ca) for assistance.


  • Is my written content aligned with CPS values and key messaging?
  • Is it written in the CSP brand voice (this can vary by medium – social media, commercial media, internal audiences, external audiences, etc.)
  • Is my font correct (for print and digital pieces)?
  • Is my colour correct (for print and digital pieces)?
  • Do I have imagery to accompany my content?


If you require clarification on any of the items outlined in this communications guide, please contact Kerri Loudoun (kerri.loudoun@skipatrol.ca).