As Nordic skiing, snowboarding, Telemark and other snow-sliding sports have evolved over the years, so too has the CSP by developing new safety and emergency care methods in training. As the leading authority in certifying ski patrollers and advanced first aid personnel for our on-snow resort partners, we are dedicated to the highest possible standards of education, certification and delivery in first aid and rescue services.

Federal Accreditation

The Canadian Ski Patrol is federally accredited to provide first aid training in Canada.

Federal Accreditation

Patroller Education Program

Maintaining the highest standards available, our Patroller Education Program trains members for various conditions in which they are required to perform, thoroughly preparing them for almost any situation which may arise on or off the slopes. For an individual to become a patroller, he/she must complete a course covering an extensive list of first aid skills and CPR. Additionally, other components such as accident scene management, chair lift evacuation, rescue, communications, avalanche and search and rescue are also part of our program. This course is delivered primarily using a ‘hands on’ approach, however, some classroom and self-directed learning is also involved.

First Aid Manual

The Canadian Ski Patrol first aid manual is maintained by the system, is updated every two years and forms the basis of all CSP training. This manual, along with all procedures for which the CSP is accountable, is reviewed on an ongoing basis by a standing committee of medical professionals from various sectors within the Emergency Medical System, and approved by the National Education Committee and National Management Team. This manual is available on the National Database System (NDS) and on CD-ROM. Candidates are trained by peers, other patrollers, who have been trained as instructors in accordance with our Instructor Certification Program.

Instructor Certification

Training Program

Patrollers must meet a minimum national standard of training and pass national examinations in all components of the program. Returning patrollers also must recertify every year to be up to date on new and existing treatments. This ensures that patrollers from across the country are trained to the same standard, no matter where they patrol - from small hills in the east to large mountains in the west. The components of this program include advanced first aid skills, on snow procedures, and a CSP specific membership module.

Program Outline