Q. I already have first aid certification. Do I have to take the CSP Advanced First Aid (AFA) course to become a regular member?
Q. Are there paid patroller jobs offered?
Q. Are patrollers legally protected for their actions as a patroller?
Q. Is there any way to really see what it is like to be a patroller?
Q. How often will I be required to patrol during the winter?
Q. How are ski patrollers recognized at a ski area?
Q. Is CSP training recognized by employers and Provincial governments?
Q. Can I take the CSP first aid course without becoming a ski patroller?
Q. What level of skier/snowboarder should I be to become a patroller?
Q. I am a snowboarder, can I be a patroller even if I have never skied?
Q. What is a toboggan?
Q. Is it hard to transport a patient in a toboggan?
Q. Who is the CSP looking for?
Q. What is the age requirement to join the CSP?
Q. How much first aid do I have to know when I join?
Q. What are the official colours of the Canadian Ski Patrol?