October 17, 2023

Jacques Blais

Jacques joined the Canadian Ski Patrol in 2004 and has never just been a patroller. He has always been, and continues to be, involved in the management of his patrol, and his zone. In 2021, he was asked to lead the Translation Portfolio as part of the National Management Committee where he sees his role as a promoter of bilingualism and not just that of a translator. 

He is a current member of the Awards Committees at all three levels (National, since 2021, Quebec Division, since 2017, Lanaudière Zone, since 2017). He has joined the Lanaudière Zone training team in 2012 as an instructor in Advance First Aid (“AFA”) and On -Snow (“OS”). He became instructor-trainer, also in AFA and OS, in 2017. 

Jacques’ 40-year+ career has taken him almost literally from the mail room to chairman of the board in too many industries to list here. Also, the CSP is only one of many volunteer organisations he belongs to and where he is passionately committed. The other most notable one being the Quebec Special Olympics where he first became involved as early as 1995.