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Great pro deals for goods and services for members is a big part of what keeps the CSP healthy and strong as Canada’s largest organization of volunteer first responders. Our brand is respected and we are now being approached directly by partners seeking endorsement to their products and services.

We welcome new partners and review the current offerings annually. Thanks go to the following dedicated patrollers who continue to foster the relationships with our pro deal partners: Geoff Scotton (Calgary Zone), Nigel McCreary (Calgary Zone), Benoit Murray (Gatineau Zone), Scott Lacey (Western Zone), Shayne Macaulay (Gatineau Zone), Mark Crone (Kawartha Zone) and Greg McCormick (Confederation Zone).

COVID-19 has created challenges for the team and our partners. Some partners are embracing the season while others are simply overwhelmed. The bike and golf industries saw a huge spike in their industries this past spring and summer and indications are that the snow sport industry will also see the same. Partners are cautioning that if you are interested in a pro-deal this season, you are encouraged to act quickly.


We are pleased to announce two new pro deal offers to our members:

Impact Canopy, one of Canada’s largest manufacturers of custom canopy tents and branding solutions, has partnered with the CSP to provide pre-approved designs for tents, flags, table covers, banners and other custom products. Many zones and patrols use pop-up shelters for outdoor events, from safe skiing promotions to providing first aid at off-season events. We have made the process of ordering a custom-branded product easy. Look for the details on the pro deal page of the website.

XSPEX is a new Canadian goggle manufacturer, offering stylish eyewear for people with active lifestyles. Having met with CSP pro deals members in 2018 at the Toronto Ski and Snowboard Show, we are pleased to announce that ISPEX has partnered with the CSP to provide pro deal pricing, and a customized strap with the CSP logo. More details on this special offer will be available soon on the pro deals page of the website.


Here are some updates from our partners:

Auclair has launched a new e-store with a 55 per cent discount for CSP members and 15 per cent discount for CSP supporters (non-members, including family). For more details, see the post in our FaceBook group for the details, or visit the pro deals page on the national website.

BraceLayer has increased its pro deal offer for the season. Visit the pro deals page on the national website for details.

Thule was overwhelmed by summer and early winter sales (due in part to COVID-19 and a change in personal spending habits) and has reluctantly suspended our pro deal until the end of February, 2021 at the earliest. Thule has indicated this is only a temporary pause; we will let you know when pro deal has been reinstated.

Burton has sent new discount codes for the 2020-2021 season. Visit the members’ pro deal page to learn how to access this pro deal.

Head has renewed its offer for this season. The price list and details on the order process can be found the pro deals page of the national website.

Wolffepack has regretfully ceased operations in North America and the pro deal offer has been rescinded.


Do you have questions regarding a pro deal? Do you have a line on something we should be adding to our roster of partners? Please email us at (we’ll get back to you within 48 hours, but please have some patience, as we are volunteers too).

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