By Kerri Loudoun, Marketing Manager (


After an eclectic and fulfilling career, Michele Doherty has announced her retirement. Working alongside Renee Thivierge within the national administration group, Michele has been a

significant contributor for more than two years to efforts like writing procedures, diving headfirst into SharePoint, research, liaising with members and suppliers, accounting and data management.

Michele’s professional life has included careers in the trades, aviation, rail, paper and pulp, and even horticulture.

Now having ample free time on her hands, Michele will continue exploring the outdoors through the numerous activities she loves to participate in. And we likely will see her whiz by in her beloved Natasha – a black Mitsubishi Spyder as she travels to one of the many high-risk sports she does, like paragliding.

The CSP wishes Michele all the best in this new chapter of her life. Michele will be with us until the second week of June. Thank you for your service Michele!

Michele doing what she loves. (Photo provided by Renee Thivierge)


The CSP wishes Michele Doherty a happy retirement

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