By Kerri Loudoun, Communications Audit Team (


Do you use Facebook? How often do you check Twitter and Instagram? What’s the difference between the 5/5, Need to Know and Patrol Bulletin newsletters? What do you think is essential information that the CSP should be sharing with you? These are some of the things we would like your help answering.

Co-executive directors Mark Brown and Jean Rioux included information about the communications audit currently in progress in the last issue of 5/5. In short, it will provide us with a clear picture of how we currently communicate with our stakeholders (members, partners, directors, supporters, staff, etc.) and will help us make adjustments to communicate more effectively.

One component of the audit is gathering input/ideas/opinions from stakeholders. We are using two methods to do this gathering:

  1. Video meetings – sign-up required (see below), or
  2. Offline questionnaire – available to those unable to attend the video meetings/prefer writing out their ideas and responses

How to participate:

We invite you to register for one of the following video sessions below:

If you’re not available for any of the dates above, feel free to download the alternative questionnaire here.

These sessions will be similar to focus groups. A facilitator (a member of the communications audit committee) will have various questions for the group to discuss. Open discussion is encouraged, and all feedback is confidential. These video sessions will be recorded for the committee’s reference only, after which the recordings will be deleted.

The committee comprises several volunteers within and outside the CSP who have relevant communications expertise, professionally and within their CSP roles.

The team members are:

  • Kerri Loudoun, committee chair (Western Zone)
  • Jennifer Delaney (Central Zone)
  • Renee Thivierge (national administrator)
  • P. Crawford (Kawartha Zone)
  • Brittany MacKinnon (Western Zone)
  • Sarah-Marie Smith (multi-media and journalism analyst)
  • Sonia Hota (marketing and communications specialist)
  • Greg McCormick (VP, communications and marketing)
  • Michaela Thivierge (social media specialist)
  • Mark Brown (co-executive director)

We look forward to chatting with you beginning in May. Your input is crucial to informing how we make changes in our messaging and communicate more effectively with all our stakeholders.

Seeking your opinions – help us improve how the CSP communicates

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