From NDS 2.0 to Yeti 

Over the past 20 years, our current National Database System has stored an abundance of information. From personal membership information to education resources to policies about all levels of our organization. 

But, as the CSP’s needs continue to evolve, the importance of upgrading our digital and information systems also requires updated technologies. 

The NDS – through the efforts of Charlie Turner and Pierre Charest, along with Eric Waddell and Drew Martin as well as support from individuals over the years – has met our needs and now we are excited about the new horizon of our information technology offerings. 


Yeti is a member management system that will function primarily for administrative purposes. The leading group of individuals who will utilize its features are administrators (such as Patrol Leaders, Division and Zone executives, National Administrators, etc.) However, individual members will have some simple access to information such as their patroller profile (including the ability to update their info, view years registered, written and practical qualification dates, etc.)

The Board approved the development of an updated database system in 2019, and the Yeti committee has been meeting biweekly since January 2020 to make this a reality. 

Where are we now? 

We have identified core needs this tool must meet through many hours of consultation with multiple user groups and individuals within all CSP levels. 

For the past six months, beta testing has been occurring with select individuals, and we are now expanding this testing to the following regions (user acceptance testing): 

  • Confederation Zone (Atlantic West Division) 
  • Eastern Townships Zone (Quebec Division) 
  • Palliser Zone (Mountain Division) 

Throughout this testing, we have fine-tuned the tools and identified additional elements we intend to incorporate in future versions of Yeti. 

What Yeti is, and what Yeti isn’t 

Our current NDS houses an abundance of items and file types. Some items are specific to our membership (things like contact information for Division, Zone, Member and Resorts). Other files are resource-type files like first aid manuals, brand guidelines, board-approved policies and award nomination applications. Yeti is a tool that allows administrators to pull information and data specifically about our membership. It’s not a catch-all the way the NDS 2.0 is currently. 

NDS 2.0 Houses: Yeti Houses:
Member management Member management
Share files Contact information
Contact information for various levels Instructor Certification Program
Jacket loaning
Awards nomination and approvals
Financial document submissions
Non-skiing event applications
Instructor Certification Program
Training resources


What happens to the rest? 

Items “missing” from the Yeti column in the above chart will have a new home within the password-protected side of the CSP’s website ( or on Moodle, our online education platform. We are currently working on organizing this resource-heavy content to make it logical and straightforward for users to find. Please stay tuned for future communications on these details. 

How do I use Yeti? 

In order to get everyone up to speed with learning how to use Yeti, we are using a two-pronged approach: 

How-to Video Library (Yeti U) 

We are developing how-to videos to walk through different access levels such as (Regular Member and Zone Administrator Access levels). These videos will be useful for administrators who prefer self-learning or find videos easiest to follow. All video links will live on the website so we strongly recommend opening a separate window/tab in your browser allowing the user to click back and forth between the video instruction, and the Yeti system. 

These videos will be bilingual and easily accessible. Using the videos, you can watch, pause and rewind the steps, in order to follow along within Yeti. We also anticipate having a number of “super-users” who will be available for group or one-on-one help sessions. 

Video Call Trainings with Members of the Steering Committee 

We will be offering scheduled video call trainings to walk groups of people through different functions in Yeti. This training schedule will be provided soon for individuals to sign up for and learn the ins and outs of Yeti’s functionality. These training sessions will be structured and individuals can sign up for specific topics based on their needs (i.e., ZP may sign up for a different video call than a PL because their needs within Yeti are typically different). 

Super Users

We don’t expect every person within a Zone or Division executive to learn the processes in Yeti (although if that happens, we’d be excited!). What we are looking for is the DPs to identify a selection of individuals within their executive and others at the Zone level, who can be trained as Super Users of the system. We would be looking for individuals who do things like (but not limited to):

  • Adding/edit member information
  • Enter/update marks
  • Create reports about resort teams
  • Renewing members

The purpose of Super Users is to have a selection of people across the country that are the Yeti “experts” which other Zone and Division administrators can reach out to when they have questions about using system features etc.

*Please connect with your teams and have a short list of members who are interested in becoming a super user by May 15, 2021. We anticipate Super User training to commence the week of June 7, 2021.

When do I start using Yeti? 

We will “freeze” the member files in the NDS at 11:59 pm on May 31, 2021. Between June 1-15, 2021, there will be no access to member records in the NDS. After June 15, 2021, everyone will have access to the Yeti system.  

The Yeti committee will provide additional updates over the coming weeks to provide updates as we get closer to those timelines. 

Remember, those other resources not related to member information, will still be accessible.  


This communication was intended to give you a brief overview of the Yeti information system but we understand you might have additional questions not addressed above.  

For further information on the Yeti system, please contact Greg McCormick ( and Diane Lemay ( updates will be provided as we get closer to launch. 

Yeti Progress Update

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