By Eleanor Culver, National Human Resources Lead (


What is young and old(er), new and experienced, west and east, and all different sorts of colours, backgrounds, and proclivities? Yes, you guessed it, the inaugural CSP diversity and inclusion committee.

What is diversity? Diversity is about a rich mix of differences. It encompasses all the dimensions that make each person one of a kind, including ethnicity, race, age, style, gender, personality, beliefs, experiences, sexual orientation and more.

What is inclusion? Inclusion is about each person feeling valued and connected where people are safe to express their authentic selves and we know we belong to something bigger.

We recognize that a diverse and inclusive volunteer force brings a variety of benefits to our organization. Research has shown diverse and inclusive workplaces have:

  • Increased innovation and creativity.
  • Better decision making due to a broad range of skills and perspectives.
  • The ability to attract the top talent from a larger pool of volunteers.
  • Happier volunteers.
  • Increased productivity
  • Better understanding of customers and clients.
  • Greater opportunity for increased revenues (sponsorships, benefits arrangements with hills etc.).

The committee will enhance diversity and inclusion within the CSP by ensuring our processes, practices, and communication support a diverse and inclusive volunteer body. Our first task will be to formalize our terms of reference and an action plan. For now, we have the following responsibilities:

  • Supporting CSP leaders in understanding the membership current state and challenges regarding diversity and inclusion.
  • Engaging in frequent, candid communication to correct misperceptions.
  • Reviewing and providing input into proposed policies and actions.
  • Providing guidance to the national management committee (NMC) and directors.
  • Aligning with CSP’s strategic plan.
  • Encouraging more diversity and inclusivity within the CSP.
  • Developing and executing action items to further the CSP diversity and inclusion mandate.

Who will be doing this important work? We are very pleased to announce the inaugural diversity and inclusion committee members:

  • Kris Buddick, Ontario Division, Frontenac Zone, Batawa.
  • Mark Fenster, Pacific South Division, Vancouver Zone, Manning Park.
  • Hélène Fortier, Quebec Division, Eastern Townships Zone.
  • Kerri Loudoun, Ontario Division, Western Zone, Boler Mountain.
  • John Nesbit, Mountain Division, Edmonton Zone, Rabbit Hill.
  • Melissa Shea, Ontario Division, Central Zone, Craigleith.
  • Andrew Wytsma, Mountain Division, Calgary Zone, Lake Louise.
  • Kevin Zhou, Mountain Division, Calgary Zone, Nakiska.

Please join me in welcoming everyone to their new CSP role. I am excited to be working with such a talented, passionate, and committed group of individuals, and I look forward to providing you with a more detailed introduction to our committee members in the next issue of 5/5.

Introducing the CSP diversity and inclusion committee

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