The 2021-2022 national membership fees remain unchanged by the CSP Board of Directors at $144.06.  This memo outlines the billing and payment procedures for the season. 

Please be advised the interim billing procedures will be effective as of September 15, 2021 

Interim billing is the process of incrementally invoicing the zones for membership qualification/requalification fees. 

Consistent with prior year(s) the CSP billing procedure will be spread out over 5 individual payments of 20% each over a consecutive 5-month period.  Under this process and in order not to burden cash flow, zones can remit small, continuous payments as the qualification season progresses. The final invoice (reconciliation invoice) will be where any differences between prior year registrations and current year registrations are resolved. 

2021-2022 Billing Procedures 

At the direction of the CSP Co-Executive Directors, the national office will issue interim invoices utilizing percentages based on the 2020/2021 completed, eligible voting registrations as determined by the national office.  The process will commence on September 15, 2021 as follows: 

Invoice #1 Sep 15, 2021 with payment due on/or before Sep 30, 2021 

Invoice #2 Oct 15, 2021 with payment due on/or before Oct 31, 2021 

Invoice #3 Nov 15, 2021 with payment due on/or before Nov 30, 2021 

Invoice #4 Dec 15, 2021 with payment due on/or before Dec 31, 2021 

Invoice #5 Jan 15, 2022 with payment due on/or before Jan 31, 2022 

  • YETI member registration deadline is on/or before December 15, 2021   
  • Card return deadline is on/or before Jan 15, 2022 
  • Cards returned after Jan 15, 2022 must have written approval

Payments must be received as outlined and delinquency may result in the holdback of membership cards and is at the discretion of the Co-Executive Directors, as a failure to remit may result in the loss of the zone’s voting privileges.  


Mark Brown/Jean Rioux, Co-Executive Directors

CSP Membership fees and incremental billing

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