NOTE: We strongly suggest you forward this email to your PLs so they understand the Helly Hansen uniform ordering requirements for this season.  

Now is the time to start thinking Helly Hansen uniform orders 

We may not have snow in the forecast for another couple of months, and we want to focus on uniform orders for the upcoming season. 

This message is a precursor to the general membership message to be included in the September 5/5 issue reminding the membership to get their Helly Hansen uniform orders in early to avoid missing out on sizing and product availability. 

Now in our second year of providing our members with Helly Hansen winter uniforms, this message will walk you through the following details: 

  1. Ordering deadlines and product availability 
  2. Info on products available this year to our members 
  3. Name badges compatible with Helly Hansen uniforms 
  4. The ordering process and shipping details 
  5. Returns and reimbursement considerations 
  6. Update on Nordic patrol offerings (to come for the 2022/2023 season) 

Ordering Deadlines & Product Quantities 

All HH uniform orders must be submitted to National (Renee) as soon as possible – no later than Nov 30, 2021.  

Product Offering for the 2021/2022 Winter Patrol Season 

You can find the updated catalogue of soft goods available on the Pro Deals section of the member site here, including item descriptions and pricing. These items target Alpine patrollers, but some can still be practical for Nordic patrollers (i.e., vests). 

We will also be adding some information about Helly Tech®, Helly Hansen’s proprietary waterproofing, and windproofing coatings that are as good, if not better, than Gore-Tex.  

Note: HH no longer offers white cross crest badges, but we can order these through Ferno. If you have members who would like these cross crests, please reach out to National (Renee) for further ordering instructions. 

Name Badges Compatible with HH uniforms 

There is a different sized name badge that is to be used with the HH jackets (versus the embroidered name badge that fits the Avalanche uniform offering). We will send out a separate note about name badge ordering details in the next two weeks with instructions. We are informing the membership in the Sept 5/5 newsletter if they are ordering a HH jacket they must also order a compatible name badge. 

The Ordering Process & Shipping  

We are using the same ordering system as last year. You can download the order form here. 

The flow is as follows: 

Step 1: ZP/designate submits order to National (Renee). 

Step 2: National (Renee) confirms all items and sizes are available with HH. 

Step 3: ZP/designate is advised as to the order total (including shipping charges) and if the entire order can be fulfilled based on inventory. 

Step 4: ZP/designate provides full payment for order. 

Step 5: National (Renee) sends order to HH to be processed.  

We ask that you group your orders by the patrol/resort team and identify one location HH can ship to when placing your order. Last year, we had some hiccups with items shipped directly to the patroller’s homes, not one spot. Ensure the order form has the ship-to address identified, and the person receiving the order is aware they are getting the shipment. 

Order 1 Example: Patrol team Beaver Valley has five items in their order. They would like the entire order shipped to the Beaver Valley Patrol Leader’s home, and they will work with the patrollers to collect their order from them. 

Order 2 Example: Patrol team Lake Louise has 18 items in their order. They would like the entire order shipped to Guest Services at the resort, and the Patrol will then place all orders in the Patrol Hut to distribute at the first group meeting. 

We are requesting making a single-location shipment (vs. sending an order to individual patrollers) for two reasons: 

  • Saves on shipping costs which are the responsibility of the patrollers ordering items – PL’s can divide shipping costs equally between all orders. 
  • It’s more environmentally responsible. 

Exchanges & Returns Considerations 

All patrollers must refer to the measurement sizing charts in the catalogue to identify their appropriate item size. We want to limit the number of exchanges required for our members.  

If your members need to make an exchange for a different size, please reach out to National (Renee) to coordinate the exchange. 

If a member decides to return an unworn (tags still attached) product, it can take up to two weeks for reimbursement to be processed. 

Nordic Uniforms from Helly Hansen 

We are currently structuring a demo program for Nordic uniforms and will be looking for input from our Nordic patrol membership. Kirstie Simpson and I will gather ideas and input via a comprehensive online survey to help identify ideal uniform options. Once we have that information tabulated, we will be working with ZPs and Nordic PLs to help shortlist possible patrollers to participate in this demo program. Stay tuned for demo program specifics in the next month or so with participant requirements, regions etc. 

You will see a Nordic Uniform general update outlining our process in the September 5/5 newsletter – keeping our Nordic patrollers in the loop of what they can expect for this winter season. 

The Nordic Uniform demo program will be run across the county (in key regions) this winter. And an entire HH Nordic uniform product catalogue will be available to all in the fall of 2022 for the 2022/2023 winter patrol season. 


If you have any questions about the ordering process for HH uniforms this season, please reach out to me ( or Renee (, and we’d be happy to help! 

A Note from Helly Hansen 

On behalf of Helly Hansen, thank you, Canadian Ski Patrollers! It’s thanks to you we can develop the best outerwear possible and, since 1877, we’ve never stopped innovating to ensure professionals like you stay warm, dry, comfortable, and safe at work. Thanks for being part of the Helly Hansen family of professionals. We couldn’t be where we are today without you.  

~ the Helly Hansen Team 



Kerri Loudoun, VP of Communications & Marketing

Helly Hansen Uniform Ordering Process