By Kerri Loudoun, Portfolio Leader, Communications and Marketing (

Many of you have been patiently waiting to hear about a Burton Pro deal update, and we are happy to share that we now have Burton pro deal codes!

There are essential pro deal details that we ask you to read carefully. Securing Burton’s pro deal this year was exceptionally challenging. We thank you all for your patience as we worked aggressively (but nicely) to work with Burton to renew this fantastic pro deal for you all.

Burton-CSP Pro Deal for 2022-2023

Burton has provided a block of account codes this year. Once you’ve been issued a code by the CSP and applied to the Burton Performer Program on their website, you will be eligible for one of the following:

  • Forty (40) percent discount off most of Burton’s retail offerings (for patrollers who are on-snow certified on a snowboard)
  • Twenty-five (25) percent discount off most of Burton’s retail offerings (for patrollers who are on-snow certified on skis)

How to get your Burton code

Please email to request a code for your use. A member of our pro-deals team will check your profile in Yeti to confirm your current membership and on-snow qualification and then provide you with the applicable discount code based on your discipline.


The pro deals team will only fulfill your code request if your current Yeti profile shows a current membership and on-snow qualification. Please ensure that your zone updates your Yeti profile accordingly. 

First-year candidates who have yet to complete their on-snow qualification this winter will only be eligible to request a Burton pro deal code when they have completed this portion of their training and their zone has updated their Yeti profile.

For members who tried the recommended workaround this fall and had success
A variety of you notified us that you successfully applied to Burton for their standard performer program. Please do not request additional codes and utilize the codes provided when your performer program account was approved.
For members who were not successful with the recommended workaround this fall
If you attempted the workaround I outlined to you through email and were not approved, please send a new request to, and we will issue you codes as noted above. 

Please keep in mind

Burton has informed us they are closely monitoring the use of all issued discount codes connected to each Performer Program member, and they have had to suspend some accounts recently. They did not flag any CSP-related Performer Program accounts, but we must stress the importance of not abusing this pro deal or any other. 

Burton is one of our most challenging accounts to maintain, and we work extraordinarily hard to renew this pro deal year after year. The pro deals team recognizes the attractiveness of the extensive Burton soft and hard goods catalogue.

Your cooperation with the details outlined below by Burton will help to ensure we maintain a favourable relationship with Burton and keep this pro deal for seasons to come.

Instructions provided by Burton

How to use your code:

Please visit the site at to create or link your Performer Program account to a Account. During the sign-up process, you will be asked for your code. Once you enter the code, please tell us about yourself. If the code is successfully accepted during registration, you will receive an email to validate your account, and you should be auto-approved into the program. After your account has been created, discounts will need to be activated within the My Account Page from the Performer tab on the left. 

Advertised promotions

Performer Program discounts cannot be combined with any other offer advertised on, including shipping discount promotions. Discounts are not valid on select products; some exclusions apply.

Personal use only

Products purchased through the Performer Program are for your personal use only. Any person found to be attempting to resell or otherwise re-distribute products purchased through the Burton Performer Program will be removed from the program. In the event of abuse of the program, Burton reserves the right to cancel your account and any pending orders at any time at our discretion. All Performer Program orders are monitored and reviewed for abuse.


Your Performer Program Membership allows for up to three discounted orders. Your discount must be activated within your account before placing your order. Discounts are not valid on select products; some exclusions apply and are subject to change. 

Codes will expire on August 10, 2023.

Questions after you’ve received your code from CSP?

Please contact the Burton Performer Program Helpline directly at 1-888-349-3382, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. EST.

The CSP is not responsible for any order placed through your Performer Program account.


Finally – the Burton pro deal update