By Elizabeth Oldfield, Communications and Marketing Portfolio Member (5×

If you have a neat piece of equipment or useful piece of kit, please send a description of the item, its use and a photo to 5× We will feature it in an upcoming issue of 5/5.

This month’s contribution comes from Calgary Zone patroller, Olivier Fuldauer. He uses booster straps as a way to get more performance out of his ski boots.

Most ski boots come with a power strap, the Velcro strap at the top of the boot that cinches the boot over the shin above the top buckle. Power straps go over the hard shell at the top of the boot. No part of a typical power strap is elastic.

A booster strap is a replacement power strap that has a small amount of elasticity before it becomes non-elastic. A booster strap goes between the hard shell of the boot and the boot liner. The booster strap gives a more progressive response to the initial flex in the top of the boot.

Booster strap is the product and the brand. They cost about $75 a pair from your favourite ski shop and the amount of elasticity is selected according to the skier’s weight and ability. The Booster strap would replace your existing power strap and it is recommended that your ski shop professional makes the exchange for you.

Generally speaking a person who would want a booster strap is a person who already has performance ski boots, not super cushy, soft, flexy boots, and wants to improve their skiing by getting a bit more skiing performance from their equipment.

Cool Tools – January 2023