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In December 2021 first-year patroller Joshua Lane was out shopping a mere four days after completing his AFA training when he noticed a man unresponsive in one of the aisles of the store with a pool of blood around his head. Lane quickly assessed that the patient was unresponsive, with no pulse.

Joshua immediately instructed nearby employees to call EMS and fetch the store’s AED. He then instructed a bystander to begin chest compressions while he maintained airway and cervical spine control due to the unknown mechanism of injury. When EMS arrived on scene, Joshua assisted with the rescue, including two shocks delivered by the AED and maintaining cervical spinal immobilization while the patient was placed on a backboard. The patient was then transported to hospital where he was admitted to the cardiac intensive care unit. Early in 2022 a relative of the patient (and friend of Joshua’s) reported that he was alive but remained in the cardiac intensive care unit.

(l-r) Previous Newfoundland and Labrador Zone President and current Atlantic East Training Manager presenting the John D. Harper Lifesaving Award to Joshua Lane (photo provided by Doug Miller)

The medical team gave credit to the first aiders on the scene for saving this patient’s life. Joshua commented that one of the EMS paramedics on the scene said that “it was obvious that Joshua had done this a few times before.” His response was that he’d just completed his CSP training a few days prior, leading to the additional comment from the paramedic that he’d been very well trained.

The CSP was proud to award Joshua Lane the John D. Harper Lifesaving Award for his actions that saved the life of a fellow human being.

Lifesaving award – Joshua Lane (Newfoundland and Labrador Zone)

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