By Hélène Fortier, EDI Committee Member (

The equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) committee has been active all winter, meeting monthly, and this article serves as an update on the items committee is currently working on.

First, thank you for the overwhelming response received to the EDI survey. More than 900 members (out of 3,700 active members) provided feedback and opinions. This information will help to guide diversity, equity and inclusion learning and resources amongst patrol members. It will also allow us to take a more informed approach when serving our evolving snow-sliding community.

Second, the committee developed a standard land acknowledgement introduction text for any event taking place in your area. Patrollers now have this basic information in their toolbox. To review the details on how to create a land acknowledgement for your region of the country, please see the 5/5 newsletter article here.

Also, shortly you will see a call for volunteers to apply to join the EDI committee. It is important to have engaged members from all types of groups and representing different areas of the country. We would love people with diverse backgrounds to join the current team and provide insights that will help shape future initiatives for the CSP. All patrollers are encouraged to apply. Stay tuned for more information with the position description and details about the call for applications in a future issue of 5/5.

The EDI committee is also preparing a module for inclusion in future training. The intent of this module is to offer basic EDI information to all members of the CSP, raising awareness about EDI both within the CSP community and the snow-sliding public.

If you have any questions about the information in this article, please reach out to EDI Committee Chair Eleanor Culver ( Thank you again for your active contribution and helping us become more informed patrollers.

Equity, diversity and inclusion committee update