By Kerri Loudoun, Communications and Marketing Portfolio Leader (

There have been several reports from members that some of the recent Helly Hansen uniform pieces have some challenges – specifically, the zippers.

CSP national will help to rectify

Over the past two seasons, we have worked successfully with HH to fix some of the challenges with zippers. The CSP recognizes that the primary jacket zipper is crucial to the piece’s usefulness to our members, and HH is committed to helping resolve issues.

The process to follow for getting the HH uniform fixed

Please get in touch with CSP National Office Manager Renee Thivierge ( 613-822-2245 x1) to determine if your uniform piece is eligible for fixing. She has a list of items that qualify HH to help with, and preferred repair partners in Canada.

Important: All repairs must be done through Renee and HH-approved repair partners.

HH is testing out new zippers

Thanks to feedback on the zipper challenges, HH is testing out different zipper suppliers to ensure the professionals they support have the highest quality product possible. Your continued feedback is crucial to ensure HH knows how well its products serve its customers. Feel free to submit a review on your HH uniform piece here:

Colour hue is not an issue that qualifies for repair

We understand some members would like to return their jackets due to the colour – their concern is that they are “not red enough.” However, this is not a defect of the coat or its function.

While the CSP has a specific Pantone red colour code, it is cost-prohibitive for us to request that HH purchase fabric with this particular dye colour. HH uses red dyes from a few suppliers to dye the material they are buying in bulk, just as Avalanche, Arc’teryx, The North Face and other soft goods suppliers do. There will be some slight variances between even HH jackets depending on where they purchase their material from. So, while we recognize members are disappointed that the red colour may not be the same as an Avalanche red jacket, this is a challenge in the industry, not unique to HH.


If you have more detailed questions about the different HH uniform pieces available, please email Kerri Loudoun ( To see if your jacket qualifies for fixing, please reach out to Renee Thivierge (

Repair process for HH uniform pieces