The Canadian Ski Patrol is grateful to its existing partners for their contribution toward making ski areas and outdoor recreation safer across Canada.

Avalanche Ski Wear

For more than 10 years, the Canadian Ski Patrol's uniform jackets have been produced by Avalanche Ski Wear. Since 1986, they have been manufacturing leading edge uniforms that meet the highest standards of the industry.

Beyond style is extreme comfort! Avalanche specializes in designing and manufacturing highly technical clothing which combines warmth, comfort, durability, and above all, is adaptable to individual needs and different weather conditions.

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Through MBNA’s affinity program, a portion of all purchases made with the MBNA/Ski Patrol MasterCard go towards our safety programs and operations.

For more information, go to the MBNA website.


AED4Life is a leading national provider of AEDs, medical products and top quality first aid supplies. Their partnership with the CSP began in 2016. The common objective for this partnership is to offer a platform where all the tools required to deliver first aid across the country can be accessed in one place.

As such, the website is a hub where first aid kits, supplies, AED Units and accessories, manikins, simulators and other resources can be purchased. AED4Life generously donates a portion of all sales to the Canadian Ski Patrol.

Insurance Brokers Association of Canada

In 2007, the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada agreed to have the CSP become an extended beneficiary of their existing national blanket campaign. That fall, 4,000 functional, high quality purple blankets and 800 posters were distributed across Canada for our use as part of CSP equipment.

After receiving tremendous feedback that first season, the partnership was extended for another five years (to 2012) with 2,000 blankets/year and an allotment of banners going out across the country each September.

In 2012, this partnership was extended once again for another three years (to 2016). And in 2016, it was decided that the program would be renewed annually.

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Johnson Insurance

Owned by RSA Canada; one of Canada’s leading insurance companies, Johnson Insurance offers group insurance benefits to our members. They are pleased to offer insurance solutions, for home or auto, exclusively with CSP member needs in mind.

Since 1880, Johnson has been devoted to customer service and satisfaction. “We make sure that you get the coverage you need at a great price, with a friendly, personal touch. And we’re always looking for ways to serve you even better.”

For more information on their products and services, contact them here.