The Executive Committee


Zone President: Jeffrey Meyer -

VP Marketing : Isabel Gasior -

Recruiting & Retention Officer: Alex Desemery -

VP Administration: David Russel -

Communications Officer: Krista Hirvonen -

Safety Officer: Juliana Tansley  -

CISM Committee Chair: Michael Cacho  -

Diversity Co-ordinator:  - Rob Skawski -

VP Finance: Autumn Wise -

Fundraising Coordinator:  Michelle Ingall

VP Operations: Jeffrey Meyer -

First Aid + Rescue Services Coordinator: Will Rioux -

Supplies Officer: Mercedes Sharpe -

Inventory Coordinator: TBD -

VP Education: Scott Wilton -

Onhill Training Coordinator: Ralph Goddard -

First Aid Training Coordinator: Andy Marr -


Ski Swap Manager (Winter Extreme): Denis Dion -


Website Coordinators: Isabel Gasior, David Russell, & Michael Meacher

Please report any website errors to the above mentioned.

Current Openings

Recruiting & Retention Officer

Inventory Coordinator

Webmaster (WordPress)

Help is always needed. Contact the President for more info.