Behind the Brand


It all started in 1941 when Dr. Douglas Firth, who was an Osteopath in Toronto, was asked by the Canadian Amateur Ski Association to train a first aid and rescue group to patrol the local ski hills – thus forming the Canadian Ski Patrol (CSP).

Dr. Firth was President of the CSP for ten years. During that time, he helped the system solve many challenges and was honoured in numerous ways by the skiing community and beyond for his contribution to safety including:

– CSP Life Member No. 1 Induction into the Canadian Ski Museum Hall of Fame in 1983
– A run at Blue Mountain Resort, Ontario, named ‘The Dr. Doug’ in 1990
– He became a member of the Order of Canada in 1997.


Our Uniform



When the CSP was first formed in 1940, our uniform colours were ‘Rainer Red’.





It wasn’t until the 1980’s when our uniform took a new look and became yellow and blue.





In 2012, our National Board of Directors initiated a brand overhaul! By August 2013, they had shortened the name from ‘Canadian Ski Patrol System’ to what it is now known as ‘Canadian Ski Patrol’. It was during this time that they launched a new image and logo.



The look of this new logo is very similar to our historic yellow cross on a blue maple leaf. The changes included an updated and strengthened maple leaf that has been incorporated in a new red and white colour scheme. This new revitalized look reflects boldness, professionalism, and can-do attitude; integral elements of the Canadian Ski Patrol now, and into the future.


75 Years of Service