August - September

Recruiting occurs all year long, but a great deal of activity occurs in these two months. Many zones provide medical support and advanced first aid coverage at a variety of sporting events, including marathons, bike races, fundraising events, sporting tournaments and concerts, right through the fall.

September - November

Depending on when the ski season starts in your part of the country, this is the time for first aid training (at least 60 hours for new patrollers) or annual re-certification (for returning patrollers) and testing. Patroller event support continues in many zones until the end of October. Some go year ’round.

November - January

This is when patrollers are required to either complete their on-snow certification (toboggan handling) as a new patroller, or re-certify as a returning patroller.

January - May

Again, depending on where patrollers ski, this is when they get to use all of the skills they have spent the fall training period learning and practicing. Some actually get to do this through May, while others don’t ski after the end of March. Many off-snow event support programs will kick in as of March or April too.

April - June

Time for instructor certification and re-certification. These are busy months for anyone interested in becoming or returning as an instructor or assistant instructor for next fall. They are also busy months for those providing first aid at running and cycling events.

June - August

Most have probably hung up their skis by now, but patrollers in many locations are still busy offering their support at many different kinds of sporting events.