Kawartha Zone “History Book” Project

The book “A History of the Canadian Ski Patrol in Kawartha Zone” was published in 2014 in time for our 40th anniversary. Much has changed in the intervening years and it’s time to update the information before it’s lost.

Sal Garofalo, A.P. Crawford and Charlie Turner have taken on this project and need your help. We need information about the current patrols in the zone. We also need to finish the stories of the patrols that are no more before those stories are lost.

From this page you can download either a Word document or PDF of the book. You can send us a note with your contact information and how you are willing to help out with this project. Files can be uploaded including pictures (JPEG or PNG format please).

This project is a work in progress and your help is appreciated. Please let us know how you would like to help.


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Contact Project Team


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