Patrolling at Kawartha Nordic Ski Club offers a 3-month season of skate skiing, classic skiing or snowshoeing in the North Kawartha township.

Located approximately 45 km north of Peterborough, the facility offers approximately 65 km of wilderness trails and is open to the public 7 days a week from late December to the end of March.  Details of the facility and its programs can be found at www.kawarthanordic.ca

The Patrol currently consists of approximately 9 volunteer members who provide coverage on weekends and occasionally during the week.  Typical shifts are 4 hours long but may be longer if required.  For special events at the facility, additional hours may be required from Kawartha Nordic patrollers or other Kawartha Zone patrols.

Preparation of the facility for the season occurs mid-December every year.

A typical patroller at Kawartha Nordic requires good general fitness, effective communication skills, good decision-making skills, leadership, and the ability to work very closely in a team setting.  Additional valued skills are the ability to function safely in a remote wilderness environment, and the ability to operate a snowmobile. Occasionally, working in extreme cold and inclement weather is required and some heavy lifting is also required from time to time. 

In addition to annual CSP accreditation, all Kawartha Zone patrollers are required to complete their On Snow Nordic refresher each January.

In general, the number of incidents per year are few, however when called upon for support, the range of first aid required can be quite extensive and can be challenging due to the remoteness of the environment. 

Any member wishing to join the patrol or check out the facility to see if it’s the right fit for you, please contact the Patrol Leader at mark.wickham@skipatrol.ca