Our 2023 – 2024 Patrolling Season is Now CLOSED!

Registration is now closed for all returning patrollers and individuals wishing to JOIN the CSP Kawartha Zone.

To all patrollers and potential recruits,

Regarding Covid protocols: Directions from our National Office, Ontario Division, and our Zone recommends that all on-duty patrollers be fully vaccinated (two doses). We have a duty of care to protect our skiing public, resort staff and our patrollers; this includes reducing risk of injury to all parties, and as long as the prevalence of Covid-19 and its variants continue to pose a danger to everyone, the best mitigation is full vaccination.

As such, everyone is welcome to register in our Zone; however, all on-patrol activities (administering First Aid, in-class and on-snow training, ski swaps, etc.) will be determined by the guidelines established at the resorts level.

Please click the appropriate registration button below:

If you are reading this page and not already a member of the Canadian Ski Patrol (CSP), chances are, you may be thinking about joining sometime in the near future. Here is some straight forward information for you to consider so that you have a sense of the time (and money) you will be committing.

It’s not too late to join us!

Membership benefits

  • High quality Advanced First Aid training with CPR & AED certifications.
  • Visiting privileges in the Zone.
  • Opportunity to meet new people and help those in need.
  • Subscription to the 5 x 5 (Patroller’s Electronic Newsletter), the National newsletter and The Patroller’s News, the Zone newsletter.
  • Opportunity to improve your skiing and/or sliding skills

Membership requirements are of at least 18 years old.

  • Attend the minimum 40 hour (classroom) Advanced First Aid course, and other dates required by the instructors.
  • Pass a written and practical diagnostic celebration of knowledge at the end of the course.
  • Be willing to provide patrolling services on weekends or when the Patrol is on duty.
  • Possess an average skiing or riding ability.

TIME COMMITMENT – TRAINING: Ski resorts in this zone generally open in December and close in March, and each resort has a minimum number of patrollers required…

WHERE WE PATROL: Kawartha Zone includes Dagmar Ski Resort, Lakeridge Ski Resort, and Kawartha Nordic Trails. The zone also enlists patrollers to be involved in our 365 Patrol for non-skiing events. These include a cross-section of running, mountain biking, and speed skating events in the community…

BEYOND YEAR ONE: Second year patrollers may be required to take a seven week refresher course offered in the fall. This includes reviewing important skill sets and testing…

SIGN ME UP: In accordance with Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, by creating a profile in our registration system, Step 1 below, you agree to receive newsletters and other electronic communications from the Canadian Ski Patrol containing news, operational and governance information, offers and promotions. Consent may be withdrawn at any time but doing so will sever electronic communications from the CSP. Contact information for the Canadian Ski Patrol may be found at www.skipatrol.ca/kawartha

Step 1 – You must register your interest via our Registration Page . Please indicate on the form in the Preferred Area field “The name of the Patrol you wish to join” from the list above in Where We patrol.

Step 2 – You will receive an email back generally within 24 hours indicating a successful registration.  We will activate your profile and email you with the details on completing your Registration. More information can be found on the Registration tab of our website.

For more information on joining us, please contact our Director of Recruitment & Retention.